Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ferrari World FAIL

Ferrari World is due to open in Abu Dhabi and I was 'lucky' enough to be invited to a pre-opening event.

Ferrari World is a huge Ferrari branded amusement park on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The building is amazing. There is a central circular courtyard covered by a huge and elaborate roof made from glass supported by a curved steel framework. From the centre extends three bright red arms which each can hold around 50,000 people. It typical UAE fashion, the building has it's own world record – for being the largest indoor amusement park in the world.

Myself and around 20 other friends were given free tickets for a pre-opening event in which rides, facilities and staff could all be tested by real patrons. I was told to bring ID because the ticket had my name on it. It transpired that the ticket was a bit of printed paper and my name “Paul” was written on the back. It was very basic and I thought it would be very easy to photocopy.

The ticket stated no cameras were allowed but complimentary food and refreshments would be provided. We all met up in town, picked up our tickets and headed off to an evening of fun at Ferrari World.

As first impressions go, it wasn't a good one. It seems this huge amusement site only actually has one entrance. The traffic was a nightmare and we were stuck in traffic outside the site for about an hour. People began to leave their cars in the road and just walk towards to park. It turns out the ticket was very easy to photocopy and half of Abu Dhabi had descended on Ferrari World.

Everyone was funnelled up one escalator and into the main building. The first thing we all wanted was some food and drink after an arduous journey. We made our way to a food stall to be told that water was 8AED (£1.35) and crisps, the only food, were 15AED (£2.55). I complained that there was supposed to be free refreshments, as indicated on the ticket, but the attendant suddenly played the old “I don't understand English” trick.

I walked away hungry but hopeful of riding some great rides. There are lots of life-size bright red Ferraris curiously stuck to the walls in the park. I didn't know Ferraris weren't influenced by gravity – no wonder they have their own amusement park. Beneath the cars were a million Ferrari fans taking pictures on their cameras of the fake plastic cars.

The ticket which I sincerely followed to the letter wasn't actually worth the (photocopied) paper it was printed on. And I really wanted to show you a picture of me and several other guys (posing for their own pictures) stood next to a Ferrari.

Hungry and grumpy and set off for some rides. Apparently the fastest roller-coaster in the world is here. Obviously, it was closed for my visit. There was a ride running whereby you sit on a train with Ferrari seats, but I'd lost interest.

I wondered off to 'Little Italy' a large sunken pit dedicated to Italy, with scaled down models of famous monuments. Kids could drive little ferraris around the models and get a tour of Italy. Frankly it would have scared the cr*p out of me. Driving round these surreal models with hundreds of adults leaning over to watch you would not be my idea of fun.

With all hope lost I went and watched a Ferrari film in one of the cinema screens. The short film was a fictional story of a race between the fathers of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti etc. The film was fun and very well put together. Finally something positive!

All in all, I'll put the night down as a bit of a disaster. I hope that once the park is fully operational and the restaurants and rides are open, a visit will be worthy of the 225AED (£38.10) admission price. However on this evenings showing, if my ticket wasn't free I would have asked for my money back.


  1. After you've settled on the optimal model, it's time for the fun part-installing and using it! train horn installation by a do-it-yourselfer, especially if there's a working knowledge of the vehicle's electrical system.

  2. I guess that disappoints you a little. But I also think that if it goes on a full opration then things will be fine there.


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