Sunday, 1 August 2010

Yacht Club Brunch

Now I know why everyone talks about Brunch!

On the flight over to Abu Dhabi I was sat next to a woman who was visiting her son in Dubai. She came to the UAE several times a year and really enjoyed it. She said to me to try and go to a brunch. I thought she was just talking about what her and her friends got up to. Brunch always turn up in conversations with other expats.

Brunch is actually a bit of an Abu Dhabi/Dubai tradition for expats. It should really be called 'linner', because they go on all afternoon. Hotels across the city put on these brunches.

You pay around 150-250dhs (£25-£40) for unlimited buffet food and endless amounts of alcohol. The Yacht Club brunch drink on promotion was mojito. I asked if this included dirty mojitos, which aren't so ridiculously sweet, but the question was lost on our waiter.

There was about 20 people in our group and we occupied the mezzanine of the restaurant. The venue was very nice. There was lots of modern furniture and also huge floor to ceiling windows which made for great views.

The food was very nice. I've had dim sum about twice in my life and this was definitely the best I've had! In fact the starters were so nice we just kept ordering more and more plates of it!

As the afternoon progressed, the alcohol (and sugar) from the mojitos kicked in the atmosphere got quite lively. By 4pm everyone was gathered round the bar trying different bar tricks. It was really good fun because the bar tenders knew quite a few tricks and even better, a couple of people in the group managed to master the tricks!

After that we decided to go jet skiing. This impulsive idea had nothing to do with all the alcohol we had drunk, I'm sure of it. We turned up to a small harbour next to the Emirates Palace. We were busy haggling a price and then one worker told us the police were coming soon (it didn't look the most legal of water sports ventures I've seen). We decided it was best to give it a miss. I don't speak Arabic but I'm pretty sure the owner gave the worker a proper telling off for telling us the police were coming - the owner missed out on a sale!

I recommend brunches. You can fill yer boots on food and booze in nice surroundings and generally have a bit of a laugh.


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