Friday, 13 August 2010


The daily fast during Ramadan is broken buy a meal called Iftar. I went out with some friends to try out Iftar and enjoy the first day of Ramadan with my friends.

The fast is usually broken with water and dates. After a day of fasting your body is like a sponge so it's best to avoid stuffing your face with fatty foods. I'll be honest, I ate a date and I didn't enjoy it. It just doesn't suit my westernised palette.

Whilst Iftar traditionally begins with dates, different cultures enjoy different meals. We went to an Iranian buffet, which had different food to what you'd expect at an iftar in Syria or Egypt.

The first main course consisted of salad, bread and humus. In England Humus generally tastes like pulverised cardboard, out here it tastes great. I tried humus with meat and my favourite, aubergine humus. We also had a chicken broth which was very nice.

Next up, was a stew. It has meat, tomatoes and lady fingers in it. I really can't remember the name of it. It tasted great but was a little greasy. Then I had some rice, grilled chicken and grilled beef. Finally we finished with fruit salad and jelly. They jelly was pretty rubbish, too dry and too much sugar.

I'm looking forward to trying out different nationalise iftar. Egypt is known for ful medames; Iran for ash reshteh; and I've still not tried the classic fattoush from Lebanon. I actually have no idea what fattoush is but I've read the word quite a lot in travel guides!

Ramadan is traditionally a time for family and the first Iftar of Ramadan is usually spent with your family. My friends are all expats, with family is distant places. I think we all appreciated having Iftar with our friends; our adopted family in Abu Dhabi.

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