Sunday, 15 August 2010


So, this weekend I tried fasting. How did it go?

First things first, I didn't eat food (until iftar) but I still drank water. It's hot out here and I'm not mental.

On Friday, the first day of my fast, I woke at 10am determined to test my self discipline and also understand what every Muslim is currently going through during Ramadan. After getting ready I went to the gym. By 11.30am my belly was rumbling and I was starving. It wasn't even two hours into the fast and I was struggling. Fast? It's the most inappropriate name the could have come up with, it felt like it was talking forever.

I received a call from a friend and we played some Playstation. Before I knew it the evening was almost here. It was easy to fast once I had taken my mind off food. As anyone knows that's a big step for me... I plan my life around three square meals a day!

It was great to finally get an evening meal. I didn't eat too much. In fact I only ate a small amount and didn't even try to replace the food I'd missed earlier. The one small meal was enough to satisfy me for the rest of the day.

On the second day I visited the gym again. Whilst I was still drinking water, I really felt a lack of energy. As hard as I tired, I couldn't do my routine as fast as I had previously. The energy just wasn't in my system.

I managed to reach the evening meal without eating again. I was pretty pleased with myself. It's obvious, but I needed to prove to myself that missing a meal isn't the end of the world. Ask my girlfriend, I get so ratty once I start getting hungry.

I cannot understand how the Muslims abstain from food, drink, water, sex and all extra-religious thoughts. It must be a real challenge, both physically and mentally.

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