Sunday, 25 July 2010

some thoughts

I went to get my via extended today. I had a thoroughly helpful PRO who picked me up from work, took my to the right place and pushed into all the right queues.

Getting you visa extended involves going to several different offices where civil servants check you passport, print a form out and send you to to the next office. After acquiring a small collection of forms we ended up back in the first office. It seems the civil servants (mostly Emiratis) aren't to concerned about the growing queues and all decide to take a break for breakfast. I was left sat at a desk, waiting.

The break lasted a good 30 minutes before they came back. The civil servant helpfully stapled my papers together and we were finished. I'm not sure why so many different people and offices were involved to be honest. Got to give people a job I suppose.

Anyway thanks to Hassan for sorting me out!

I also had to go to visit a potential client to pick up some documents. Unfortunately this was outside the city, pretty much in the desert. My taxi driver and I didn't have a clue where the office was and the map I had been provided with was not as helpful as it could be.

Eventually we found the office and I was in and out pretty quick. On the drive through the desert I realised that the road was lined with trees. These trees wouldn't naturally be here, there is a huge irrigation system preventing them from quickly drying out. The water comes from desalination plants which convert sea water into fresh water.

How much money does this country have if they can afford to maintain tree lined streets stretching out into the desert?

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