Wednesday, 14 July 2010


A few evenings ago I went and got a haircut.

You all know that I hate getting my haircut. I hate having to talk to some random stranger for half an hour while they do the complete opposite of what I asked for.

Well it's a bit different in Abu Dhabi.

I went to a little "saloon" around the back of one of the towers near my apartment. There were just to Indian guys watching cricket in there. One of them got up when I walked in and showed me to the chair. I was pretty pleased when I saw that there was a TV in-front of the mirror! Unfortunately I had to watch some Bollywood film for 5 minutes before the two Indians guys giggled to themselves and put Lost on for me.

In Abu Dhabi they put this strange tape around your neck that attached to the apron-thing, so there is not chance of hair getting down your collar. And the electrics looked pretty dodgy too, but apart from that it was fine.

The guy didn't speak much English, but through the power of pointing we managed to communicate, and he did it just as I asked for. I thought hairdressers just did what they wanted?

I also didn't have to chat to him; which pleased me. The fact that we didn't speak the same language might have had something to do with it.

I was pretty pleased with the haircut. Quick, quiet and the equivalent of £4! I was a little bit shocked when he offered me a head massage though. I said no, but he still insisted on doing something to my scalp. I can only describe it as him cracking his knuckles on my skull for two minutes.

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