Saturday, 31 July 2010

Going to the Cinema

Going to the cinema is something you can enjoy all around the world. Unless you live in Saudi Arabia where they are banned because they distract people from following their religion.

There are a few cinema's in Abu Dhabi, all of which are be found in one of the many malls. The ticket price is comparable to the UK and you get all the same films too. You can also buy all the cotton candy and popcorn you want. This being the UAE, the portion sizes are huge. You can buy a huge vat of coke which must hold about four litres of syrupy stuff.

Things are a bit different once you get in the screening however. There are separate screenings for men and women. Talking is strictly forbidden should you disturb the Emiratis in the room. Also, the primary seats are reserved only for Emiratis. What makes it even more uncomfortable is.... I'm kidding I'm kidding; it's nothing like that. You believed me though didn't you?

There are some amusing things about watching a film in Abu Dhabi. Firstly the films often have subtitles. That's fair enough when it's Arabic subtitles, because the locals will want to know what's going on. But they also have French subtitles on top of the Arabic ones. It gets a bit hectic trying to watch a film with all that writing on screen.

Secondly, for some reason the cinema managers have the air conditioning turned ridiculously high. Me and my mates are sat there in our shorts shivering. It sounds stupid but I'm going to take a jacket next time I go to the cinema!

Thirdly, the audience cheer and clap. And not just at the end. Every time the main protagonist overcomes and obstacle or says something mildly amusing the audience whoop and cheer. It's totally surreal. Hollywood films are so predictable but the audience love it. They'll be cheering every 10 minutes like a bunch of trained seals.

What is really irritating is that people can be quite rude. There will be people talking to their friends, texting and shining light everywhere and even answering the phone! They'll get told to stop but just start up again in five minutes.

The cinema is universal entertainment but it's great to see how it's received in different cultures. I just wish that culture was a bit quieter.

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