Monday, 5 July 2010

First experience of the city

I have recently arranged for the translation of my business cards into Arabic at the Abu Dhabi Legal Translation Centre (ADLTC). Unfortunately you can't pay via an invoice, you have to turn up in person. It's also worth bearing in mind that only the main highways have road names and the internal roads within blocks aren't named.

So I looked for my translation companies address on the ADLTC website. Their helpful contact page described them as "Behind Al Noor Hospital". I got a taxi up to the hospital and started looking for the translation office.

I couldn't see it at all, and after five minutes baking in the midday sun I went into the hospital to ask for directions. They didn't know what I was talking about, but pointed me down a random street.

Walking down the street I realised every single business on this street provided translation services! I went into one and asked did they know where I could find the ADLTC. They were happy to sell me translation services, but once I said I was looking for a specific company, they all suddenly became "new to the company" and didn't know the area. I stepped into the sun and tried the next office and the exact same thing happened again!

Eventually someone pointed the ADLTC out to me. It turned out to be on the mezzanine floor of a building and all the branding was different too. A total needle in a haystack.

In the UK you can easily do all this online, or via email. Over here, I had to take an hour out of my life, contribute to the already jammed roads by getting a taxi and bake in midday sun!

Nothing is easy out here if it can be made difficult!

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