Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Walking to Work

Walking to work can be fairly challenging in Abu Dhabi.

There are two problems, the sun and the traffic.

The moment you step out of a building's shade, you are met by a wall of heat that instantly saps your energy. And you start sweating as soon as you are in the sun.

I live 700m from work; I just have to cross the street and walk down the road. Unfortunately the road is a three lane dual carriageway. Crossing at traffic signals is pretty scary because cars can turn right on a red light and there are also lots of people doing U-turns. You need 360° vision to avoid becoming roadkill.

The traffic lights also take forever because the roads are so busy, so you end up quickly wilting in the sun. The traffic and the sun mean crossing a road is stupidly difficult!

Thankfully I have an underpass on my street, so I can cross the road safely without being in the direct sunlight.

I have even managed to find a route between neighbouring building so I am mostly in the shade, there's just the odd moment where the sun finds me. Even though, the walk still takes a good 10 minutes and whole bottle of water!

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