Monday, 28 June 2010

Flying to Abu Dhabi

I am writing this on my seven hour Etiha flight to Abu Dhabi, UAE. The flight has been really good so far. Having never flown long distance, there is alot of novelty for me to enjoy. I'm in economy class but it's still pretty comfortable.

I Ended up on the front row, next to the window. I have lots of leg room, but all the TVs are built into the head rest of the chair in front, and as I'm in the front row I didn't seem to have one! Bit disappointing when there's still a good six hours to go!

I read some of 'When Saturday Comes' and had my lunch. The food wasn't to bad actually for vacuum-packed microwave food. Portions were small, but they did manage to give everyone three courses and cheese and biscuits.

A few hours into the flight everyone settles down and zones out in front of the telly. After a few seconds of TV enjoy, I decided to have a rummage around my chair. Bingo! The TV is actually built underneath the front row chairs.

I watched the the ' Book of Eli' which was pretty good. Then the in'flight entertainment got even better. I managed to find a pacman game and the Verve on the plane MP3 system and live on-screen flight plan. As I write I am just east of Burgas, Bulgaria, flying over the Black Sea. We're flying at 554mph and the outside temperature is a frost -51°C. It's good that Etihad even manage to satisfy the geeks on-board!

Below are a few pictures of the Saudi Desert.

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