Monday, 28 June 2010

First day in the office

I stepped out of the apartment and could feel the heat bearing down on me. I began walking to work and realised I was actually in the shade. I decided to see how hot it really was so crossed the road to the sunny side.

It was HOT.

33°C at 8am is something I've not experienced before. I arrived at the office and it was really good to see Matt, who I know from the Leeds office. He gave me the office tour, which took about 3 minutes, seeing as we are the only two there.

Matt had to attend a meeting in Dubai and I decided to go along to Dubai. Firstly I went to the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. The views up there were great. I was really surprised how yellow the sky was, I was expecting clear blue skies. Unfortunately the sky can be quite dusty because the country is basically desert.

Dubai is a very surreal place. Huge skyscrapers emerge from dusty silhouettes and there is constant new construction going on. Here's a few pictures...

I also went to the worlds largest mall, the Dubai Mall. It has everything from cinemas to ice-rinks and aquariums. It also has tonnes of shops including every designer label you could ever dream of. It did get a bit boring though and I didn't even see half the mall, I'm just not built for shopping.

One the drive home we saw some wild camels and Matt told me about a camel festival with thousands of people and camels in the middle of the desert where they have camel beauty contests and camel fights. really.

We also visited the Yas Marina Circuit where the Grand Prix is held. You can actually drive into the site and it looks really impressive, I really hope I can get a ticket.

I ended the day by having tea with Matt and his girlfriend. It was really good to see their flat and chill out after my first day at "work".

Roll on tomorrow!

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